Brillamont Playspace

Playspace is a space that promotes critical thinking and curiosity in young students, inviting them to exciting and free adventures playing with shapes and colors to activate children's locomotor skills, without letting their safety down.

The new Brillamont Playspace is the result of three years of very close collaboration, to create spaces that manifest the innovative vision and love that Brillamont has for its community. El término de play es fluido. Desde un maestro guiando conversaciones abiertas o ejercicios sin una estructura rígida hasta actividades sin objetivos o ejercicios que promueven nuevas maneras de participación. El juego, descrito por científicos del comportamiento (The Science of Play, 2014), es una acción, elegida libremente, dirigida personalmente y motivada intrínsecamente.

It is an extremely important space for the first interactions of the youngest students, which is why a design was proposed that integrates factors that promote the development of physical, social, emotional and cognitive skills, necessary to improve coordination and promote the abilities of critical thinking, so that playing and living in the space is an educational and, above all, fun experience.

Playspace becomes a space full of interesting and spontaneous curvatures. With a mix of organic and geometric figures, the space makes a connection with nature and its free character. The construction of figures, their enormous arches and long, almost surreal bridges extend an invitation to space. The diverse juxtaposition of shapes and playful personality creates unexpected dynamism and play for young learners that is strongly guided by its use of color, with warm but muted tones that boost mood and encourage positivity.