The Decimal collection questions both the almost unlimited capabilities of 3D Printing and its relationship with the conceptualization process of a luminaire. The objects in the Decimal collection combine cultural and technological factors to create lighting concepts through signs familiar to the audience and space.

The Candela Tables are a tribute to the architect Félix Candela, a pioneer in the use of concrete in the 1950s in Mexico.

The Cultural Spheres are spaces designed for artistic training and cultural integration in public life in the state of Nuevo León.

Tempo is a furniture collection of great simplicity in its design, highlighting an unpretentious aesthetic under the philosophy of creating timeless and well-thought-out objects.

Playspace is a space that promotes critical thinking and curiosity in young students, inviting them to exciting and free adventures playing with shapes and colors to activate children's locomotor skills, without letting their safety down.

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