Candela Tables

The Candela Tables made of fiberglass reinforced concrete (for interior and exterior) pay tribute to the concept of "Cascarones", used by architect Félix Candela.


Salone Satellite during Milan Furniture Fair on April 2018


Iconos AD Award


This concept is manufactured in Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC), which allows creating a design impossible to achieve with other processes, as Félix Candela did at the time with structural concrete. This design has a strong connection with Mexican modernism, reinterpreted as a piece of contemporary furniture for indoors and outdoors.

Using Candela's “Cascarones” concept, in conjunction with the lightness and fluidity of GFRC, it was possible to generate surfaces with dramatic shapes that push this new technology to new limits. The “hypars” that make up the geometry of the tables are elegant and durable thanks to the specific structural design.

In the coffee table, the edge of the concrete body floats on curves, with a glass surface that allows visibility of the structure. Using the same geometric reasoning, the curves are reduced to create a smaller, taller side table. The selection of materials also refers to Mexican modernism and the emotion that comes from creating daring structural designs.