Cultural Spheres

The Cultural Spheres provide a multi-use public space to the communities on the outskirts of the Monterrey metropolitan area, a collaboration between Jorge Diego Etienne and the architecture firm Covachita, for CONARTE.

The Cultural Spheres are spaces designed for artistic training and cultural integration in the public life of the state of Nuevo León. Its mission is to provide communities on the outskirts of the Monterrey metropolitan area with access to: artistic workshops, plays and cultural events for everyone, from children to seniors. The first 3 are located in El Carmen, Galeana and García.

The design strategy consists of a furniture program that encourages the configuration of flexible spaces for various dynamics. At the same time, they respond to the pedagogical program created especially for these cultural centers, which seeks to promote processes of human and social development through artistic and cultural expressions.

A key part of developing our concept was combining play, art, and memorable interactions between people. The main piece functions as an island that allows you to appreciate the entire library space from a 360 view, motivating children to experience an immersive sensation of culture. This works as a system within the space, which provides niches with some privacy for activities that require concentration and, at the same time, seats outside for group moments. The islands can be crossed and ordered according to the needs of the proposed dynamics, inviting people to interact with them constantly while they configure their own system of work, study, or rest.