Tempo is a furniture collection of great simplicity in its design, highlighting an unpretentious aesthetic under the philosophy of creating timeless and well-thought-out objects. The project is a collaboration with a social cause by Jorge Diego Etienne to support the Fábrica Social de Techo A.C, an initiative in Latin America dedicated to the manufacture of emergency housing in marginalized communities.

The design of the Tempo collection is based on the search for use of the workshop's raw materials, exploring its ability to create objects that last over time. Its construction is consistent with the processes and management of the wood used by Techo, with a language that is very faithful to the material in its aesthetic and structural characteristics. A constant in the collection is the open and legible design, with luxury in the details of each joint that denote the expert craftsmanship and experience of the workshop and its collaborators.

Just like their basic shapes, the pieces that make up Tempo have various uses in the home, suitable for different environments. They are discreet and serene, giving tranquility to the rooms that contain them. They combine and accompany each other, but also function as solitary furniture or complementing any space. They have a unique warmth that provides confidence and invites you to use them over the years.

Through the manufacture and sale of this furniture, investment will be generated in the different programs of the Civil Roof Association, taking advantage of the resources it already has in its factory, adapting and creating various solutions and services in wood. The Fábrica Social de Techo acts as the right hand of the organization, combating social inequality by expanding its current field of action from the prefabrication of emergency housing to furniture and carpentry projects.