Mundet Ritual

For Ritual Mundet, different products were designed as part of a brand activation based on a tasting of the Sidral Mundet drink.

The activation was done through an experience implemented in restaurants to glorify and multiply the emotions of the brand. Following a sequence of simple steps, the waiters become ambassadors of the Mundet brand, using a series of objects designed specifically for this ritual with which the brand sought to redefine what it means to do things “the Mexican way.” Sidral Mundet is a refreshing, intense and fun drink. Using the apple as a guiding concept, glasses, coasters, bottle openers, clothing and communication elements were designed and implemented in more than 200 restaurants in three cities in Mexico.

The glass is the main piece of this collection of objects. Starting from a geometric abstraction of the apple, the volume is softened causing a controlled flow of surfaces. The way to drink this glass is very intuitive due to the language of the volume, which is strengthened at the top. Its production was carried out by local workshops that use recycled glass to manufacture it using the blowing technique.

Other elements such as the coasters and the bottle opener seek to be references of nature on the table. While the coasters are sections of trunks with irregular contours, the bottle opener alludes to the branches of a tree, creating an ingenious design for opening bottles. The aprons were specially designed to contain the objects that the waiters require to execute the activation. Communication in the restaurants occurred through discreet elements that closed the circle of this experience.